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LunarCon Crystalline Conflict Tournament

OverviewSubmission RulesPrizes

Contest Information:

Prepare to take to the field in the 5v5 PvP mode in FFXIV in this year’s LunarCon Crystalline Conflict Tournament!

Sign up to join one of the 16 teams that will be participating in LunarCon's Crystal Conflict Tournament!

This will be held over 3 days on Sept 29th, Sept 30th, and Oct. 1st. The runtime will be from 2:00pm - 5:30pm PST on Sept 29th/Sept 30th and 2:00pm - 4:45pm PST on Oct. 1st.

Players of all skill levels are allowed to register for the tournament! Accepted applicants will be randomized into teams based on their Seasonal ranking and jobs of choice.

The event will be streamed at: lunarcon_official3 and lunarcon_official4

Shout casters for the event will include Brian Ricardo, Kougaon, Soxforrow, Rook, Vivian, Frosty, and ...

Gathering area: Crystal Datacenter on Brynhildr Wolves Den Pier!

Good luck and have fun!

Please make sure to join the LunarCon discord after signing up if you aren't already in it!

Click here to join!

Submission Rules:

Days & Schedule

🔸 3 day Single elimination tournament held on Sept 29th, Sept 30th, and Oct. 1st from 2:00pm - 5:30pm PST on Sept 29th/Sept 30th and 2:00pm - 4:45pm PST on Oct. 1st.

🔸 Day 1 will be Round 1.

🔸 Day 2 will be Round 2 and Round 3.

🔸 Day 3 will be Semifinals and Finals.

Tournament Rules

🔸 Teams are not allowed to run duplicate jobs in a match.

🔸 Each set before Finals (Round 1, 2, etc.) is First to 2 Wins.

🔸 Finals will be First to 3 Wins.

🔸 The match will be replayed if anyone disconnects within the first minute of the match.

🔸 Each player on the team must play in each set.

Game Settings

🔸 Stage Events are ON.

🔸 Medical Kits are ON.

Set Procedure

🔸 The map order for First to 2 Wins sets will be ...

🔸 The map order for First to 3 Wins sets will be Palaistra ➔ Volcanic Heart ➔ Cloud Nine ➔ Clocktown ➔ Palaistra.

🔸 Teams are allowed to change their team job composition between matches.

🔸 Teams are allowed 5 minutes to make these decisions.

Set Check-ins

🔸Your Team will be notified in Discord when the next set is available.

🔸Your Team will have 5 minutes to respond and have the team ready to play.

🔸Failure to be prepared after 5 minutes will result in the team being disqualified.


🔸 The application will be open for a limited time and will go down once we have reached a sizable amount of entries.

🔸 Not everyone will be able to participate due to team space.
🔸 Players with a character on any Data Center in the North American region may enter

🔸 Selected participants must join the LunarCon Discord and will be given a Tournament Player role.

Once players are assigned to a team, you will have access to a private text and voice channels in the Lunarcon discord. It’s highly encouraged to socialize with your team and consider practicing against other teams before the tournament start date. Your team will be able to create a team name and are HIGHLY encouraged to have team glamour as well as coordinating adventurer portraits! Make it fun!

Teams will gather at Brynhildr Wolves Den pier during the event! This allows for LunarCon attendees to take screenshots of your team!


Winning group will each receive 5 Million Gil and a physical trophy shipped to you provided by PolyGotCrafts