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Contest Information:

Show off your FFXIV Housing decoration beauty and skills by joining the Housing Contest taking place at LunarCon 2022

Submission Rules:

  • To ensure a fair and even competition for everyone, we decided to limit submissions to Apartments only. That way everyone has the same space and parameters to work with.
  • Apartments must be on the NA Data Center.
  • The theme for the LunarCon 2023 Housing Competition is: Light versus Darkness.
  • (it is up to you how to interpret the theme)
  • You can only enter once. Please be sure to review your information fully before submitting.
  • All entry apartments must be created by you without the use of third party tools.
  • The character name on the apartment must match with the name on the entry.
  • You are required to provide a "Housing Tour" video with your entry (60 seconds max, no video edits)
  • Additionally, you may provide up to 5 screenshots to your entry (NO Image Edits, as in shaders/tools/etc.)

Judging Process & Criteria:

Judging Process
  • Four judges will be reviewing your submission based on the criteria listed.
  • Each submission can be scored up to 10 points per judge.
  • All scores of a submission will be tallied to a total score.
  • The submission with the highest score is the winner.
Judging Criteria

Your entry will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Theme - How accurate does your submission fit the theme "Light versus Darkness"?
  • Composition - How are the housing items arranged? Is there clutter or is it arranged even?
  • Skill - How well are you able to use the housing system to the fullest with the tools given?
  • Creativity - How unique is your submission? Does it stand out from other submissions?


  • Prizes displayed here are currently the minimum amount, this may increase due to donations.
  • Disclaimer: Prizes can only be handed out on Crystal Data Center.
The prizes for the Housing Contest are as follows:
  • First place: 4 Million Gil
  • Second Place: 2 Million Gil
  • Third Place: 1 Million Gil

Please note we are planning on increasing prize gil amounts and adding physical prizes based on contributions. The specific shipping locations of each prize will be displayed on each contest page as they are populated with their specific prizes. Keep an eye on our social media and this page for updates.