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Application for special main stage performance signups taking place at Lunarcon 2022 (29th - 31st of July 2022).

Main stage events and performances will be featured at the forefront of the con, on the official Lunarcon twitch account.

Performances will be streamed on twitch/Lunarcon_Official

Examples for our previous main stage performances include Technical Step, The G'raha Collective, and DJ entertainment hosts such as SlyAkaGreyFox and ShionFox.

These performances will be held in person on Brynhildr - Crystal Datacenter. With the implementation of DC travel, performers from Primal and Aether are also welcome.

Warning: Performances must be in accordance with the Final Fantasy Material Usage License. As such, applications involving third party music and renditions of the songs detailed as separate from FFXIV Materials (e.g. Answers, Dragonsong, Revolutions etc) within the license will be rejected.

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Deadline for signups:

May 1, 2022

Signups Have Ended