An application for those who wish to volunteer to be security, ushers, and the like.

Mod responsibilities should include but are not limited to:

Ensuring panels are not disrupted by moderating in the voice chats, in-game areas etc

Removing people who are causing problems for guests from the discord

Being present in-game so as to provide someone for guests to go to if they're having an issue

Acting as de-escalators should anything turn ugly at any point, in text chats, voice chats, in game chats etc

Reminding guests overall of con rules periodically

A lot of this will be standard discord moderation affairs, but I would ask that at least 1 mod is present in voice chats and discord stages during panels and main events to ensure no one is disrupting and to be able to take action should the need arise.

The server will no doubt boom with activity once the con starts for real. Considering the majority is happening here, it'll be like moderating any other discord except for set hours of set days where we NEED mods to be on the ball and watching.

Apply Now

Deadline for signups:

July 1, 2022

Signups Have Ended