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Panel Application

The official application form for Panels from the July 29 - 31

What is a panel: Have you ever held a presentation in front of a class? Now take that and make it more casual, without a teacher grading you and getting the audience involved. Panels are usually informative and inclusive to talk about certain topics you are passionate about.


1. Keep it related to Final Fantasy XIV

2. Keep it PG13, no NSFW

3. Please have a rough outline ready to present

4. PowerPoints/Videos/Anything Visual is HIGHLY encouraged to make the panel more interesting

5. No more than 3 people leading a Panel (2 co-hosts max.)

6. It will be required to stream on Twitch via a given stream (so it will not be your personal stream).  Full detailed instructions on how to stream and how to set it up for the convention will be sent to you upon acceptance.

7. Make sure you are ready to begin your stream at least 15 minutes before your scheduled panel time.

**Response emails will be given approximately one week after the deadline closes on July 1.

Panels will later be uploaded to our Youtube channel for our archives and could be used for our future promotional purposes for the convention, however, you are more than welcome to also record it on your own for any of your own content purposes.

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Deadline for signups:

July 1, 2022

Signups Have Ended