April 10, 2023

LunarCon 2023 Contests Launch

Want to show off your creativity? The following contests are open right now — all will close on September 1st! For more info, as well as prizes, see below!

GMV (Game Music Video) Contest

Have you seen the awesome videos from previous years? Want to try your hand? Make us laugh, make us cry, all to FF14’s awesome soundtrack!

Machinima Contest

Similar to GMV, but with plot! Exactly how much plot is up to you. We’ve had some hilarious entries in previous years — don’t miss your chance to add your own!

Housing Contest

We all know the highs and lows of the housing lottery. Did you decide to skip that rigamarole and just snag an apartment? You’re in luck! Our housing contest is taking place in apartments this year! Show us the best of your decorating skills! This year’s theme is light vs. dark.

Art Contest

The theme for this year’s art contest is Journey! This can be interpreted however you like; your journey through the MSQ, a side quest, an NPC’s arc? The sky’s the limit! Show off your art and win prizes!

Cosplay Contest

With so many epically talented creators in the community, we can’t wait to give you a platform to show off your skills!

Now onto what you really want to know: prizes! Each of the contests is launching with a gil prize pool of 7 million (4mil for first place, 2mil for second, and 1mil for third). Prize contributions are open over at for those who would like to help increase prize pools or donate prizes!

We can’t wait to see what amazing creations you have in store for us this year, so make sure to get them in by the deadline of September 1st!

(Image Credit: Xav) (Header Image Credit: Xarch)


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