May 22, 2022

2022 Screenshot, Glamour and In Game Cosplay Contests are now live!

Hello everyone! We at Lunarcon are pleased to announce some of the contests we’ll be hosting this year! This year we’ll be bringing back the Screenshot and Glamour Contests from last year, along with a brand new one: The In-Game Cosplay Contest! Like last year the judging panels for each contest will be judging you for how creative you can get in each respective contest.

Have a creative, unique and original Glamour? The Glamour contest may be for you!

Using unique pieces of armour and clothing to Cosplay a character? The Cosplay contest may be for you!

Want to show off your great photography or Gpose skills? The Screenshot contest may be for you!

The full rules and applications for entry/submissions can be found here, the contest page under the Lunarcon website. Select the specific contest you want to know more about here.

A few things to note:

For the Screenshot Contest:

  • As with all our contests we highly suggest you take your time, especially with this contest. As you only have one shot to create a truly amazing screenshot for us, please don’t worry about submitting early, and take all the time you need, even if it means submitting your entry on the very last day. (In fact we encourage it if it means you get an amazing and unique screenshot out of it)
  • As well we encourage people to try their best and to try entering even if you think you aren't the best at Gposing or taking pictures, we would love to see whatever you can come up with as long as it follows the rules no matter the skill level. We want to see the best you guys or gals (or whatever your pronouns may be) and the FFXIV community at large can create! If you need some inspiration here are last year's winners!:
Uncovering the Truth by: Tai Yaki

The Doorway of Tradition by: Nimue Rhavra

Moonlit Awakening by: Strelitzia Oathkeeper

For the Cosplay and Glamour Contest: 

  • There are only 100 slots for each of the glamour contests (the glamour contest, and the cosplay contest each have 100 slots for both of the contests, for a total of 200 slots split 50/50 between each contest), this is not on a first come first serve basis, so we highly suggest (like the Screenshot contest) giving yourself all the time you need and make the best possible Glamours and Cosplay’s you can, even if it means submitting on the very last day! (In fact we encourage it if this means you’ll have a glamour that looks truly jaw-dropping)
  • Once again please don’t worry about your skill level, we encourage all people to try and enter!  If you think you look good and your glam is unique we would love to see you no matter what you think your skill level is, as said previously we want to see the best of what the FFXIV community can create! I know I'll be stealing some of the ideas people use for these glamorous glams we’ll get this year and possibly be entering myself! 
  • Unfortunately we don’t have any of last year's previous winners of the glamour contest. But you can look at the Lunarcon discord to get some ideas!
  • If you have a Cosplay you want to show off, please sign up for the In-Game Cosplay Contest and not the glamour one, as unlike last year we have split up the Cosplay and Normal Glamour contests from each other into their own individual contests (if that wasn’t already obvious enough). 
  • Specifically for the Cosplay Contest: You CAN cosplay characters from FFXIV or other FF games HOWEVER as the rules state you cannot use more then one Mog station item (so no full set Heavensward Alphi costume or full set Shadowbringers Y'shtola), as well, like the Cosplay and Screenshot Contest, we’ll be judging you based on creativity and how original you can be with different types of armour, so be smart with how you’re cosplaying certain characters and try to avoid using one big piece from Mogstation or the game if possible (like the Gunbreaker level 80 job gear for Thancred)!

Prizes will be announced later with another announcement or with another info page like this one! Also check out the original rules and entry webpages regularly to see what the rewards are.

The last day to apply for the Glamour and Cosplay contests will be July 15th 2022, while the Screenshot contest’s last day to submit your entries will be July 22nd 2022. 

And with that we wish you all good luck with the contests and a wonderful time this year at Lunarcon! 

- The LunarCon Team