July 30, 2021

The Standard Steps of Technical Step

We sat down with Meifala Sigehardt and Ahro’zi Zhimsa, organizers of Technical Step to get an inside look on the inner workings of their group and what they are all about.

  • What is the Technical Step?

Technical Step is a macro dance community! We're all just a group of folks that really love what we do, and have a great passion for it. Everyone really is just here to dance and have a fun time.

Tech Step is composed of a bunch of individuals all with different backgrounds coming together to celebrate and collaborate in the unique artform of macro-dance within FFXIV!

  • What is your favorite part of performing in FFXIV?

I love seeing the reactions of the crowd! Especially if they haven't experienced macro dance before! Watching them be wowed by what's possible with macros and emotes and little creativity makes all the hard work worth it.

FFXIV lets us perform in ways that we can’t do in real life. I want to try and see you Megaflare without a rope. It’s a great way to express ourselves despite any physical barriers to dance.

  • You and roleplayers both get really excited when you see a new emote on the special site for a patch, don’t you?

YES! My first question is always if it's normal or persistent, and then I start thinking of where it could potentially fit in with my older songs, and then I start thinking of songs I know I want to do where it could feature… and then I’m just excited for my next dance. 

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that a new emote is coming and have planned an entire song around it. I’m still keeping an eye out for the Shiva statue to come back. I literally have something cooking using the new Vexxed emote from this year’s Make-It-Rain! Emotes are a passion of ours.

  • Do you have any big project plans coming up with Cross-World Travel just around the corner?

We actually have a collaboration with Stellazzio Virtual Theatre in the works! And we're mostly based on Aether (for now) but we do have people in the community all over the Data Centers, so we're really looking forward to having those individuals in our shows going forward as well.

I hope you really love musicals is all I can tease at this moment. More information will be out soon once LunarCon is over and we can catch up on things!

  • Can I hire you guys for the XYZ event and/or how do I go about getting some dancing for this event I’m doing?

Absolutely! I would love to be able to set you up with dancers for an event! In order to get that process going, either message Tech Step on twitter (@TechStepXIV) or message Meifala on discord (Meifala#4130) or Ahro’zi (Asriel#4704) and we'll do our best to meet your needs and preferences.

  • “Wow, that was cool! I want to know how to do that!” How do I learn how to perform like you guys?

Find Tech Step on twitter! (@TechStepXIV) and send a DM! We have a student program where our experienced captains share all their tips and tricks and show you the ropes.

We’d both like to give a huge shoutout to all the individuals that will be performing at the show. Without them, there wouldn’t be a show after all!

  • Boldwyer Inntimidator
  • Chibiusa Serenity
  • Ren Lunyasch
  • Tsuki Kawa
  • Yvette Jagathius
  • Xanthe Almondbright

Another shoutout to Scoot Patoot for allowing us to use their space and for making such a lovely stage to perform on!

With the gates of LunarCon about to open, we hope you all are excited as we are to watch Tech Step live on Shenpai’s stream at 5 PM PDT!

- The LunarCon Team

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