May 6, 2022

2022 Volunteer, Mod and Panel applications are now open!

Hello, everyone! 

Want to get involved with LunarCon? There are currently applications for three different positions open; keep reading to find out more!

LunarCon is looking for volunteers for:

  • Moderators
  • Photographers/Scavenger Hunt participants
  • Panel talk givers

Moderators: Mods keep everyone’s con experience safe and fun! Mods are asked to volunteer to help with security, act as ushers for various events, and be present in the discord to deal with any issues. Moderators are essential for making sure the event runs smoothly! You’ll be the front line of defense in game as well as in the discord if anyone needs help or is causing trouble for other guests. De-escalation is a key skill for anyone wishing to become a moderator. If you think that’s something you’re suited for, head to the LunarCon website for full details as well as the application form!

Photographers/Scavenger Hunt: What it says on the tin. We’re looking for photographers to take photos around the event, capture events, and take GPose requests from guests. If you’d like to volunteer for the scavenger hunt, you’ll be taking on the role of an NPC and be posted at various locations to trade with participants! It’s important to note that if you’d like to be a photographer there are NO THIRD PARTY TOOLS permitted for use. Only Shaders are accepted. Additionally, you must have a character on the Crystal Data Centre. For full details and applications, head to the LunarCon website!

Panel/Talk givers: Is there an FFXIV topic you’re dying to give a presentation on? Now’s your chance! We’re looking for presenters to give talks on a variety of topics. The sky’s the limit! There are no restrictions, so long as they’re related to FFXIV and kept PG13. Last year we had talks about everything from raid leading, crafting, how to pick a Xaela, roleplaying, lore as told through music, and more! If you’d like to give a talk, head to the LunarCon website with a rough outline of what you want to present. Please no more than 3 people leading a panel, and visual aids are HIGHLY encouraged to keep everyone engaged! Don’t worry if you don’t have your own Twitch stream, as you’ll be using an official stream! Full details are listed on the website.

The deadline for ALL applications is July 1, 2022.

- The LunarCon Team