‍Should I create an alt character on Crystal to participate?

You absolutely can, however, you do not need to do so. LunarCon is designed so that you can enjoy all happenings via Discord and Twitch streams that are hosting the event. The most important place to be would be Discord!

Where do I purchase tickets/ Is this a free event?

Our event is entirely free. You just show up to in game to the Crystal Data Center, Brynhildr server to attend

‍How much MSQ do I need to do to participate?

You would need housing unlocked in all areas (Ul'dah, Gridiania, Limsa, and Shirogane) to be safe as LunarCon will be happening across several plots of land in the housing areas of Brynhildr.

Where are the main events happening? ‍

Everything for the LunarCon will be taking place on Brynhildr server in Crystal Data Center.

I signed up for a contest and want to change/edit my entry, what do I do?

All you need to do is submit a new form! This will overwrite your previous entry. Your latest submission will be the one we consider.