‍Should I create an alt character on Crystal to participate?

You absolutely can, however, you do not need to do so. LunarCon is designed so that you can enjoy all happenings via Discord, Twitch and YouTube streams that are hosting the event. The most important place to be would be Discord!

Where do I purchase tickets / Is this a free event?

Our event is entirely free. You just show up in game to the Crystal Data Center for all events! The Main Con Hall is located on Coeurl.

‍How much MSQ do I need to do to participate?

You need housing unlocked at minimum in the 3 main starting housing areas located in: Ul'dah (The Goblet), Gridania (The Lavender Beds) and Limsa Lominsa (The Mist). However there will inevitably be a small list of activities in that you will want to access in the Kugane (Shirogane) and Ishgard/Foundation (Empyreum).  We try our best to give spoiler warnings when applicable during events however just a general warning that spoilers for MSQ might be around that we cannot control.

Where are the main events happening? ‍

Everything for LunarCon will be taking place on Crystal Data Center.  The Main Convention Hall and gathering place is located on Coeurl, however, events and locations to see are placed throughout the Data Center

I signed up for a contest and want to change/edit my entry, what do I do?

Unlike previous years where you could edit and/or submit a new form if you messed up, we are no longer accepting this.  The application you submit is considered final so please put the proper time and care into your form and triple check before submitting! If you have greater concerns you can email us at support@lunarcon.net