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Contest Information:

Are you a master of storytelling through the means of emotes with your friends? Join in on the LunarCon Machinima Video Contest!

Submission Rules:

  • Your Machinima will be in video form in 16:9 (either 720p or 1080p) and at least 24fps. You are free to have your video at a higher resolution or frame rate if you wish.
  • All video assets must be from the official FFXIV client, no mods. Video editing filters and effects are okay.
  • All audio assets must either be from FFXIV or totally original, and follow SE’s musical performance guidelines.
  • Avoid usage of copyrighted iconography (ex: a picture of master chief) References are fine as long as it’s all made from in-game assets or original assets (an original drawing of master chief made by those involved in creating the Machinima)
  • If you have dialogue, no harder swears than you’d hear from FFXIV itself
  • Avoid including anything that may spoil FFXIV’s story from the start the 2.1 patches and onwards
  • No longer than 4 minutes
  • Upload the Machinima Video to Youtube
  • Include “LunarCon 2023 Machinima Entry” in the title
  • One entry per person/group
  • All entries on finalized
  • Note that your entry may be used in future promotional material for LunarCon

Judging Process & Criteria:

Judging Process
  • Judges will be reviewing your submission based on the criteria listed.
  • Each submission can be scored up to 10 points per criteria per judge.
  • All scores of a submission will be tallied to a total score.
  • The submission with the highest score is the winner.

Judging Criteria

Your entry will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Polish - technical aspects like video quality, audio quality, etc
  • Editing - aspects having to do with video editing such as timing of cuts/transitions, and other potential effects outside the game's engine
  • Cinematography - filming technique and composition, things like lighting, positioning of actors, camera angles, movement etc
  • Execution - how well the video executes on its idea and goals based on both what the creators intent, and the interpretation of the judges


  • Prizes displayed here are currently the minimum amount, this may increase due to donations.
  • Disclaimer: Prizes can only be handed out on Crystal Data Center.
The prizes for the Machinima Video Contest are as follows:
  • First place: 4 Million Gil
  • Second Place: 2 Million Gil
  • Third Place: 1 Million Gil

Please note we are planning on increasing prize gil amounts and adding physical prizes based on contributions. The specific shipping locations of each prize will be displayed on each contest page as they are populated with their specific prizes. Keep an eye on our social media and this page for updates.